This website aims to capture the lessons learned on successful projects to help those involved in the concrete construction process to avoid reinventing the wheel on future jobs. It serves as a one-stop-shop providing background and references to regulations, standards and guidance documents. In addition, it provides perspectives on many key properties of concrete from the viewpoint of designer, builder and producer for consideration at specification and planning stage rather than later in the project.

For example, two overarching points often emerge when reviewing recently completed high quality concrete projects involving all the stakeholders. These are:

  1. Recognition that the process runs smoothly when communication between the designer, builder and concrete producer improves and each party gains an appreciation for the others’ perspective and requirements.
  2. That the knowledge, learnings and references acquired during the project should be recorded for future use.

The structure of the website is as follows:

Part 1 thumb

Part 1

Focuses on the overarching European and Irish regulations governing construction in concrete

Part 2 thumb

Part 2

Outlines the main standards for design, construction and production and the important linkages between these standards.

Part 3 thumb

Part 3

Highlights the key considerations in achieving many important concrete properties from the perspective of designer, builder and producer and provides references to useful guidance documents.

Specifyingconcrete.ie has been developed by a joint Working Group of the Irish Concrete Federation, Cement Manufacturers Ireland and the Irish Concrete Society. The members of this Working Group were:

  • Richard Bradley - Irish Cement (Chair)
  • Earnan Beary – John Sisk & Sons
  • Thomas Burke – Roadstone
  • Mark Coatsworth – John Paul Construction
  • Gerry Farrell – Irish Concrete Federation
  • Keith Goodwin – Kilsaran
  • John Haverty – ESB International
  • Mark Hogan - O'Connor Sutton Cronin
  • Brendan Lynch – Consultant
  • Jim Mansfield – Kavanagh Mansfield & Partners
  • Brian O’Rourke – Cork Institute of Technology

Graphic design by Sinead Woods (Baboom) and website by Alan Dargan

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